We get it, why hire a professional window cleaner when you’ve got a perfectly good bottle of windex and roll of paper towels at home? Most people find themselves asking the same  question. Most people don’t understand the value of enlisting a professional cleaning service to get their windows looking streak-free. If you’re tired of hearing your neighbor Debra incessantly whine about your dirty windows, then listen up! Clean Pros Wake Forest is about to tell you everything you need to know about hiring a professional window cleaner. So, step off Deb!

Why Should I Have My Windows Professionally Cleaned 

What did you say your plans were this weekend?  Cleaning your windows? 

Oh, sounds fun

Look, there’s no point in spending several hours cleaning your windows just for them to look subpar once you’re finished. Professional cleaners come prepared with the right equipment and  save you valuable time. Plus, enlisting the help of a window cleaning service is fast, effective and pretty affordable. Still think you can DIY? 

Here are some additional reasons to call in the Pros: 

You Have High Windows

Most homeowners have high windows that seem too sketchy for them to clean themselves. Professional cleaners have the proper equipment to safely reach the places that you just shouldn’t. Our Pro Clean technicians have had ample training cleaning skylights, Trust us! It’s a task that comes with some serious risk. So before you start pulling out your ladder in an attempt to save some cash, think about using a professional window cleaning service instead. Afterall, hospital bills from breaking your face will cost you more in the long run. 

You Have Bugs, Wasps, or Nests

Nasty wasp nests can secretly hide between the frame and glass pane of your windows. So, unless you’ve got a ventilated suit laying around somewhere, removing nests and webs while cleaning should be left to a professional. 

Tinted Windows or Window Film

Ok, here’s the thing: If you’re struggling to clean regular, non-treated windows, how on earth do you expect to clean highly specialized ones with delicate film used to filter sun and block UV Rays? Get my point? 

Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth It?

We think so! Not only does it preserve the longevity of your windows, it just looks great! 

Also, professional window cleaners can remove difficult mineral stains caused by pollution and bird droppings that leave exterior windows looking cloudy and unkept. 

Plus, if your windows are cleaned properly the first time, it will take a lot less energy to maintain them. 

Choose Clean Pros

With Clean Pros, you can expect the best in quality assurance when it comes to our residential window cleaning services. Our highly-trained cleaners use only environmentally friendly products to get your windows looking crystal clear. 

We offer a loo% satisfaction guarantee with all of our services. Whether it’s residential window cleaning, or even getting a light air filter replacement, we want you to feel good about the service you receive! 

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